POLONICA in Scotland

Duns, Berwickshire

Memorial to Soldiers of the 1st and 2nd Tank Regiments and a Stone Tablet to the County  


Items of Polonica which may be found in Duns include - a plaque placed there during the war and a monument erected in more modern times.




1 Tank Regiment






2 Tank Regiment




The tablet given to the town on the occasion of Poland's Constitution Day - 3rd May 1943



From 1942 the Polish 1st Tank Regiment and 2nd Tank Regiment were stationed at a army camp near Duns.


In gardens in the the town there exists a stone monument remembering Polish soldiers. The monument with a cross at the top bears the emblem of the

1st Polish Armoured Division.



Remembering 127 Polish soldiers of the first and second Armoured Regiments stationed at Duns 1941-1944 and fallen on the battlefields in France Belgium Holland and Germany.


Down two sides of the monument are the names and ranks of the fallen.




Beneath which is written




It is inscribed



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